Genevieve Bell

Genevieve Bell 是 Intel 的一位資深研究員, 專注於人類學的研究. 他在 2004 年 ACM interaction Volume 11 no.5 期刊上發了一篇 "The Age of Auspicious Computing?", 從她多年來在亞洲進行的文化研究中, 試著提出她對於精神文化與新科技/新媒材的關係.

New technologies can and do deliver religious experiences in new mediums; perhaps they are the leading edge of a much larger repurposing of computing and the Internet. I call this auspicious computing ; computing that is more about supporting ideas of good fortune, spiritual enlightenment, and inner peace than it is about efficiency and productivity. -- Genevieve Bell , 2004

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